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Marina Life, Gibraltar

26 June 2015 7 comments

Waking up early is infinitely easier when it's blindingly sunny outside.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we explored a little more. Slipping down little side streets and coming across little nooks and open spaces feels like a game!

Shopping in Gibraltar is just excellent. Prices of jewellery, skincare, watches, makeup and perfume are noticeably cheaper than the UK, with no VAT and bartering to be expected, this is a shoppers' paradise!

With the wedding looming, time to get our pedicures. With the obligatory obnoxious trouser of course.

Come evening and we headed off to the marina, which was still gloriously basked in hot sunshine. Dinner at The Landings is highly recommended, the food is fresh and delicious and the setting is exquisite.

Day 2 in Gibraltar and a restful evening with the bride watching the sun go down, before wedding bells tomorrow! (P.S, Can you believe that's Africa on the horizon?!)