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Dolphins & Monkeys, Gibraltar

30 June 2015 0 comments

With the bride and groom now husband and wife, we awoke early for another day of exploration and fun. First up, the obligatory fresh churros breakfast to keep our strength up for the day ahead.. (Do you think that will pass as an excuse? Oh heck, they're delicious.)

It was pretty breezy so the return of the obnoxious trouser was a good decision!

A nautical morning, yippee! Near the coast of northern Africa, skimming the gentle waves in our canary yellow boat (a Lonely Island song comes to mind??), seeing secret freshwater caves and yes, dolphins! They're terribly friendly and swim with the boat, but they're so graceful and fast, such a nightmare to photograph!

Fresh from the sea to 1000ft above it, the cablecar in Gibraltar is a must. The views are sweeping, panoramic and beautiful. It takes only a few minutes to ascend and waiting at the top on your arrival, Barbary apes! These guys are super tame and cute. There's a hefty fine for feeding them but we caught this naughty chap trying to impress passers-by by giving them tictacs. Needless to say the monkeys showed him what for!

We made a friend! The adorable 'Lenny the lion.'

Back on the ground, a casual amble to the Botanical Gardens. It was so peacefully empty and tranquil. The flora feels almost tropical at the foot of the rock. A beautiful walk.

Well, so long Gibraltar! It's been a pleasure to make your acquaintance.