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Arriving in Gibraltar

24 June 2015 4 comments

Heading out to be Maid of Honour at a friend's wedding, my first impression of Gibraltar was one of puzzlement. On the one hand, glorious sunny weather and oranges growing on street trees, on the other, Marks and Spencers around the corner and using the Pound to buy your fish and chips.

It's the most peculiar amalgam of Britain and Spain but once you allow yourself to get over that, Gibraltar's quaint nature takes quite a hold of you. 

We landed, quite worn out and 'grubby' from the 3 hour flight, (is it just me that feels this way after travelling?!) to be greeted with a wall of hot, almost tropical air and the smell of the sea. Oh, and that whacking great big rock!

We spent the evening wandering aimlessly (the obligatory 'soaking in the surroundings'). Gibraltar has some lovely, quirky and quaint architecture. Every building has a different window mount and trellis decoration, rather beautiful.

We chatted away until sunset (delectably late!) and then early to bed ahead of a busy day of wedding prep come the morning!


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