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Hair Journey | Healthy Hair Shampoos

6 February 2015 0 comments

If you've read my original post, you'll know that I've embarked on a Hair Journey, and the reasons for doing so. Part of my odyssey to longer, stronger, healthier hair lies with changing up my hair washing routine, and from plentiful research and experimentation, I've found a handful of products that have already really made a difference.

Traditional store bought shampoos are full of alkaline detergents (we all know about the dreaded SLS) which strip your scalp of it's protective natural oils and upset it's pH balance (your hair and scalp are naturally slightly acidic, which is why I follow up any of the shampoos below with my homemade ACV rinse). And that's why they've been ousted in favour of the following products:

Castile Soap

A natural and gentle cleanser, originally made from olive oil, Castile soap cleanses your hair in a far more gentle way than your standard shampoos. Dr Bronner's is my favourite, who do a large range of different essential oil variations. It's quite strong stuff so I dilute 1 part castile with 2-3 parts water and add a few essential oils - lavender, clary sage and cedarwood atlas are but a few of my favourites.

Shampoo Bars

A shampoo bar is another way to get away from the harsh detergents in conventional shampoos. This one is almost 50% neem oil, which is fantastic for dry and itchy scalps, scalp psoriasis, thinning hair and general hair health; it's a bit of a wonder-ingredient!

Although I like to do this after every wash, I'd say it's especially important after using the above methods, to do an acidic rinse.

Australian Organics

I really prize oiling my hair, and on the days that I do so, uber gentle cleansers just don't cut it for me; with my hair thoroughly drenched in viscous oils they don't really stand a chance. It's here I use a shop-bought shampoo but a gentler kind; it's not ideal but it's better. I use it a bit like a clarifying shampoo, in other words, fairly sparingly. Avalon Organics also do some great alternatives.

Liz Earle

Another shampoo for the occasions I need a deeper clean, but still much more gentle than a conventional shampoo and, happily, SLS free. This one has lots of natural extracts; rosemary, apple, lemon, aloe, but to name a few.

I've broken the conventional shampoo cycle and boy, has my hair thanked me for it! I need to wash it less, it feels in better condition and oddly, it's becomes slightly lighter again, almost like it's now being allowed to reveal it's true, natural colour once more. 

What shampoos do you use?

Will you be converting to a more natural hair cleanser?