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Weight Loss Wednesdays | What I Eat

21 January 2015 11 comments

After a pretty lengthy hiatus, Weight Loss Wednesdays is back. 

Here we are, back at the beginning. I envisage a bumpy ride ahead but buckle your seatbelts and follow me for take two of my weight loss journey.

I thought I'd start off with a little inspiration; whether you're looking to lose a few pounds yourself and need ideas, or you're just into health and well-being, mealtimes can often be a struggle when you can't decide what to eat. Here are some of the colourful and wholesome things I've been eating over the past week:

Brie and black grapes on flax crackers, banana slices topped with peanut butter.

Club sandwich.

Chicken and vegetable soup made with bone broth.

Avocado and chia seeds on wholemeal toast, nectarine and raspberries.

Moroccan houmous with oatcakes, pineapple, mango, greek yoghurt and honey.

Chopped salad.

Steamed greens with soy and garlic dressing.

Chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto with baked onion.

Bombay aloo with peas and cauliflower.

Baked chicken with roasted veg.

Half-fat mozzarella and broccoli pesto panini.

Buckwheat with chilli and soy chicken 'stirfry'

Hopefully you've gained some ideas, please do share your favourite healthy foods below, I'd love to hear them!