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Hair Journey | How to get Soft, Detangled Hair

19 January 2015 5 comments

If you've read this original post, you'll know I'm venturing on a hair journey for 2015 and why. My hair is naturally wavy and gets super tangled, but I've found a bordering-miracle way of getting soft, tangle-free hair which is effective, cheap and natural. 

Traditional store bought conditioners often contain silicone-based chemicals which bind to your hair and make it feel smooth (if you've used primers you know what silicone feels like). It feels great but stops moisture getting in and out, stops your hair breathing and causes build up unless you wash it off thoroughly with a detergent, which strips your scalp of it's protective natural oils.

I've shunned store bought conditioners completely in favour of two 'lowly' products:

1) Cold-pressed oils, which I'll be talking about in a future post.

And the focus of today's post...

2) Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic, cold-pressed with 'the mother').


♥ Mix 1 tbsp ACV into 1 cup of cold water.

♥ After washing your hair, pour this mixture over your head, making sure to saturate your scalp.

♥ Repeat if you need extra conditioning.

♥ Do not wash out, don't worry, your hair will absolutely not smell of vinegar once it's dry.


♥ Closes the cuticles of the hair shaft leaving your hair smoother and tangle-free.

♥ Removes buildup of styling products or shampoos.

♥ Conditions hair effectively without weighing it down.

and arguably most importantly,

♥ Restores naturally acidic pH balance of your scalp and hair after using alkaline detergents/shampoos/colourants.

Make sure to buy Apple Cider Vinegar with 'the mother'. This just means it's raw, unpateurised and that the vital nutrients and enzymes are still intact. These all meet the criteria:

My hair feels soft, detangled and full of body, straight out of the shower. 

Why not give it a go yourself?


  1. This is such a good tip! My hair is really tangly - cant wait to try this! Lucy, xx

    1. Good luck Lucy! It's really sorted my incredibly tangled hair out, I do the process twice everytime I wash my hair (aka once or twice a week) xx

  2. I'll definitely be trying this out! Whilst it's nice using fancy-pants, luxurious formulas, they aren't always the best for the hair, as you say. Going back to basics can sometimes be the best thing you can do. I love using coconut oil as a deep-conditioning hair mask, it works better than any other treatments I've tried before! :)


    1. Definitely, I adore natural oils, I've been doing a custom blend of carrier and essential oils lately, amazing! xx

  3. Thank you for sharing. I've had a long battle with my hair as it's very curly and gets tangled all the time! This is definitely worth trying. X


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