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Drugstore Contour Kit | 17 Define & Conquer Contour Kit Review

14 January 2015 4 comments

I've never had much luck with bronzers and contouring. Quite possibly because I have a long list of requirements and also because I'm way too slapdash and low maintenance with everyday makeup to possess any contouring skill. Too orange, too shimmery, too muddy, too powdery or too slick, too obvious!

There are a whole host of fantastic contouring/shading products (Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Glow, Kevin Aucoin's Sculpting Powder, Tom Ford's Shade & Illuminate, Lancome do a really nice palette too..) but they're generally pricey, and the highstreet versions I've come across just haven't met my expectations (even Sleek failed). Until...

Introducing the 17 Define & Conquer Contour Kit | £5.99 Boots

A compact palette, available in 2 shades and complete with much-appreciated mirror, holds light and dark 'sheen-y' powders, obviously the former for highlighting and the latter for shading.

There are several reasons as to why I've handpicked this as my favourite;

Tone & Texture. This silky, matte powder is the perfect amalgam of warm and cool tones, neither leaving you orange nor grubby. It sits, without any effort on my part, perfectly well on top of my creamy tinted moisturiser/BB bases with no patchiness.

Subtlety. A big winner for me is that it appears completely undetectable on the skin, and blends effortlessly into the most subtle, natural glow. You can check out my New Year's makeup tutorial for hard evidence!

Price. It's just over a fiver. For a product that works so well, you fail to go wrong.

What's your favourite contour to use?