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5 Steps To A Slimmer And Healthier You

4 January 2015 19 comments

Summer is well and truly over, the new year has begun, our tans are fading and mince pies,  gingerbread lattes with extra whooshy cream and roasts have no doubt added to our waistlines...


As you may already know from reading my Weight Loss Wednesday posts, I'd like to lose a few pounds, scratch that, more than a few pounds! And even though I've fully indulged in the aforementioned Christmas festivities, there are a few simple changes I'm going to make and share with you to help shed a few pounds.

I've definitely been flagging with my weight loss efforts for the last few months and the aforementioned Christmas goodies try their hardest (and often succeed..) to lead me astray but I'm feeling motivated to jump back on the bandwagon, and there are a few super simple changes you can make to feel slimmer, lighter and happier.

1. First thing in the morning, drink warm water and lemon.

This unbelievably simple recipe does wonders for your body. Counter-intuitively, lemons alkalise the body helping out our immune system and stopping us feeling tired and rubbishy. This 'magic' drink also aids digestion, throws vitamin C at your skin and keeps the bloat at bay by acting as a diuretic. Make sure the water isn't too hot, to preserve the lemons' nutrients.

2. Drink water.

I know this is incredibly dull information now, but if you make any 1 change to your lifestyle, this would be the one to make. There's no end to the benefits of drinking lots of water, to your skin, hair, blood, weight etc.
I sometimes like to add a few slices of ginger, lemon and a few sprigs of mint to my water for added health benefits and taste.


3. Eat a rainbow.

Fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients which offer a whole host of health benefits on consumption. Different coloured fruit and veg have different phytonutrients. For example, deep, dark reds and purples are due to anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant which, aside from other benefits, make your skin fab.
I find the easiest way to a multicoloured diet for me is my Rainbow Salad recipe.


4. Exercise smarter

Exercise raises your heartbeat and metabolism, and gives you a post-workout fat burning effect. Instead of one long slog at the gym, double the frequency and halve (or quarter!) the duration of your workout. It's not working out any longer, just a bit smarter.
I'm going to be aiming for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes later on to start with.

6, 7, 8
5. Make soup.

Homemade soup is a great weight-loss friend. A high water content, delicious and low cal, you can fill it to brimming with veggies and lean protein for a warming, tasty meal. It's a really simple way to pack in nutrients and lower your calories.

I should probably mention that these tips don't come with a 100% guarantee, and I am not a qualified dietician or nutrionist. I am, however, very passionate about food and health and am constantly researching tips and tricks for both myself and to share with you :) 

I hope that these simple and easy adjustments make for a slimmer, healthier and happier you!


  1. Some lovely tips. I need all the help I could get to get rid of this Christmas bulge x

  2. Warm water and lemon is my go-to! I don't even drink coffee anymore.

    Great tips!

    1. Definitely same! And I feel much better for it to be completely honest, thanks Naomi :) xx

  3. Hey Jennifer :) thanks for leaving your link in the blogger chat - you have a lovely blog and I really enjoyed this post. Some things might seem like you're giving people 'dull' tips haha, but it's crazy how often I forget to remind myself about my water intake etc. I especially loved that it was about doing little things to improve rather than telling people to dramatically cut down on their food, which i've seen in a lot of posts and it wasn't great considering people of all ages may read it and it's just not the healthy way to do it. I look forward to your future posts :)

    All the best, Saida xx

  4. I'll definitely be trying out some of these tips, I had no idea the benefits of drinking water and lemon in the morning! And absolutely agree on the soup one, I adore soup, honestly if I had to pick one food it would be soup! :) A lovely post!
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger

  5. Easy changes for a healthier you. Become a planner. Downsize your meal by using a smaller dinner plate; if you need to gain weight, do the reverse. Don't stand or sit still. Put your dessert in a smaller bowl and eat it with a teaspoon. Invest in a good non-stick frying pan; you'll use less oil. Choose grainier bread.

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