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Winter Wonderland, London

20 December 2014 7 comments

Having explored Bath's festive offerings (in this post), we couldn't help ourselves but to pop into central London to soak up more. And what better greeting to start off the day than a moustache-d train?

As with every excursion, food first! We headed off to Borough Market, mainly because I needed to get my hands on some famously incredible donuts, which, fear not, I'll share with you in two ticks.

Borough only gets better around Christmas time. Fresh-from-the-field produce, street food stalls serving hot, tasty morsels and yuletide stands of knick-knacks and vats of steamy, mulled wine.

We picked up Shoreditch-style salt beef sandwiches on rye, your very own New York deli fare in the heart of London and incredibly morish. 

Next, Bread Ahead doughnuts. Arguably the best in London; light-as-a-whisper dough smothered in sugar, the first, obnoxiously full with thick vanilla custard, the other with a caramel creme topped with almost bitter, homemade salted honeycomb.

With bellies full, off we went to inhale Christmas at Winter Wonderland. And it's quite the spectacle.

Fairy-lit stalls lining the walkways, brimming with trinkets, furs, candles, handmade gifts and of course, warming food and wines. I couldn't help but be taken with these sweet little porcelain domes. 

Then adjacent to the market, the funfair, full of towering and quaint rides in equinumber, the ice rink and more donuts, churros and cuddly toys than you could shake a stick at.

Finally, a whistlestop tour to Oxford Street; every year I'm sucked in like a bluebottle to the twinkly lights strewn above my head, it feels like I'm in a magical other-land..

Have you been to Winter Wonderland?

Where is your favourite place to go at Christmas?