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The Best Things About Christmas

24 December 2014 3 comments

1. Christmas music

I love the jazzy stuff; Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, the dulcet tones of Mr Buble.. doesn't it all just fill your heart with joy?? And who doesn't love whipping out Mariah Carey and Chris Rea at Christmas time :)

2. Nigella

I really just want to be her friend or pet or some kind of acquaintance just to live at her house at Christmas. Her Christmas series' go on the tv every year and aside from the amazing, full-fat food she lavishes upon her viewers, I love that her house is bedecked in fairylights, her library of cookbooks is aspirational and even the background music is fabulous.

3. Christmassy drinks

Gingerbread lattes, mulled white, snowy white hot chocolates, spiced apple warmers, the list of delicious Christmassy flavoured drinks seems endless. It's one of those joys that seem to spread around the highstreets' cafes and tea shops once a year and is something I pounce upon. And yes it's a small joy but hello, Christmas cups.

4. Fairylights everywhere! (not just in your room)

Adorning the streets, on all trees (mandatory you understand), under cloches, on your nails, on the dog..

5. The Coca Cola ad

The beginning of Christmas to me is December 1st or the first viewing of the Coca Cola ad, whichever comes first. It's the magical moment you know that Christmas has really begun.

6. Christmas films

Love Actually. Every year. Religiously. #ToMeYouArePerfect

7. Gingerbread houses

Every year so far, it's never actually me that makes this, I tend to gaze upon them in awe and stick to less intricate baking but this year I am fully set on having a go myself. I'm going to get a gingerbread dog in there somehow..

8. Christmas markets

There's not much better to get you in the Christmas mood. If you can get the time, Germany or Austria have amazing markets. Cologne, Vienna, Salzberg are superb. If you're looking for something closer to home, Winter Wonderland is a firm favourite and Birmingham is also great.

9. Presents!

Waking up to a Christmas stocking stuffed full of goodies at the end of your bed. I don't think that childish glee ever really leaves you. And buying them too. Late night christmas shopping under all the twinkly lights is dreamy.

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10. Spending time with loved ones :)

Merry Christmas everyone!