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Christmas Wishlist

13 December 2014 6 comments

I enter my room, welcomed by the ceiling-scraping tower of shoes in their boxes, packed in besides the exorbitantly large wall-filling wardrobe. My gaze is caught by a sea of bottles and tubes and containers, nestled together on a shelf, escaping onto any flat surface.
In a moment of conscience and frugality, I ask myself, is it wise to be adding to the fray with yet more material possessions?

Oh, go on then.

Here are some beauteous objects that would make me happy this Christmas :)

I'm a bit obsessed with body oils, especially in the cold, winter months when my skin seems to rebel the most. This rosehip number from Kora, developed by Miranda Kerr, is full of Vitamin A, incredibly good for the skin.

I've been into good shampoos for a little while. I think my hair really suffers at the hands of the sulphate-filled highstreet bottles. I love the thickening effects of L'Oreal's Fibrology, which I've reviewed here, but it's ingredients don't fill me with joy. Avalon do a fab range of great shampoos, I'm building up a small collection!

~£10 Avalon Organics

On a similar vein to the Kora body oil, Rosehip oil and Vitamin A is great for the face too. I've been using facial oils for a little while and I think now's the time to upgrade to Trilogy's rosehip.

£28.50 Boots

I've finally come around to the idea of a good watch. The coveted Michael Kors have always caught my eye but I've just found the designs I like a tad too bulky for my wrist. Skagen do a lovely range of elegant and chic watches for women, my only problem now is to narrow it down to one..

£125 Ancher
£125 Ditte
£135 Klassik

All John Lewis

I love reading/collecting recipe books. Sometimes I make them my bedtime reading, thumbing through the pages in bed with a warm drink on hand. Perhaps Yotam can inspire me to be more creative with veggies for 2015.. (Not on my wishlist as it's already happily in my collection but I very much recommend Hemsley & Hemsley)

£20 Polpo

All Waterstones

Beautiful bras are another subconscious collection of mine, opening my closet to a waterfall of tulle, lace and silk fills me with joy. This black lace piece by Myla is a timeless classic.

£110 Selfridges

I've had my eye on this simple, silk dress (as seen on The Londoner) for an eon, just never having got round to purchasing it. It's on sale at the moment which just makes it all the more appealing!

£177 Marina

A hectic lifestyle needs organisation and as a steadfast pen-and-paper girl, only a diary will do. I usually plump for Moleskine every year but Julie Slater & Son do a more colourful alternative.

£14.50 NOTHS

Who doesn't love a good nights sleep? And for a self-confessed 'insomniac' like me, we need all the help we can get.This deep sleep ritual kit from This Works contains a night oil, pillow spray, cream and candle, filled with soothing essential oils will hopefully send me swiftly off to slumberland.

I fell in love with Charlotte Tilbury's makeup since my first impressions last year. Although, quite literally, all of her shadow palettes are beautiful and appealing in their own right, The Dolce Vita is arguably my favourite. For today at least!

£38.00 Selfridges 

$99 and a bit of shipping for 21 makeup items from coveted beauty brands. Instantly enthralled. I'm personally excited about the Hourglass primer, Ole Henriksen serum and Becca Skin Perfector.

$99 Sephora

Anddddd, breathe!

What's on your wishlist this Christmas?