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A Week In The Life Of #3

23 March 2014 3 comments

This week has been one for efficiency, things to do, places to go, people to see, deadlines to meet, I've had 0 time and I can only see it becoming 'worse'! Here are some randomly selected tidbits from this week: (of course saving some things that need their own posts!)

1. Beauty and the Beast Notebook (Liberty London): I am into notebooks at the moment and the whimsical, fairytale twang of this one has got me hooked. Hand bound and printed in Florence too, it just all adds to the romance.

2. Marina London Maddy Dress: Easy-to-wear, simple shapes in silk have been a commonly occurring wardrobe theme recently and Marina do them fabulously. Their fabric hangs beautifully and I love the muted colours and embellishment-free designs. 

3. Stella McCartney Low Block Heel Sandals: I am on the hunt for the perfect Barely There sandals with a low block heel (I have at least 3 pairs of high Barely There's and they're all black...) and came across these beauties. I'd really like some in black or tan though, so still on the hunt.

4. I found this gorgeously girly pasta at a Berkshire farm shop! All the colours are 100% natural too; spinach, squid ink, beetroot etc. It's definitely a novelty but would make any pasta lunch more exciting and 'happifying'.

5. Peanut butter on bananas and this deliciously naughty rhubarb crumble yoghurt. Full of sugar but reasonably low calorie, completely moreish and my latest brekkie addiction.

6. The weather recently has been absolutely glorious. I've spent an acceptable proportion of my time lazing around in 20 (or near) degree heat and soaking in some vitamin D! Found these seriously pretty daffodils in a field also but didn't have my camera with me! Thank goodness for iPhones. 

7. I've been feeling compelled to buy some kind of obnoxiously loud phone case, like these 2 from Skinny Dip, they're adorable! 

As for the weight loss journey, it's been slower then I'm used to but I've been doing strength training and working on building up some muscle (ha! this is so very unlike me..) Nevertheless I feel quite like these cats below. And whether you relate or not, who doesn't love a picture of a nice, fat cat. Enjoy: