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What's in my Handbag?

11 January 2014 19 comments

I'm trying to stop being a "I-carry-my-life-in-my-handbag" kind of person, so my current bag contents are quite minimal but it stops me foraging around in there like a squirrel, just trying to find a pen or a hairtie! Here are my choice items:

iPhone: This is the 4s which works perfectly well for me, it's starting to look a little battered now as I use it so much! 

iPad Air: This is just a godsend for doing anything on the go. With all the great productivity apps, I can do work whilst I'm travelling or look up anything I need to, at any time. It's also a great backup for when my phone inevitably runs our of battery..

Paracetamol: As I am forever getting headaches! Not good.

Sencha Green Tea Mints: These are in the flavour Moroccan Mint and I adore them. They taste delicious and give me a little hit of green tea goodness throughout the day. They're also made with Stevia, my chosen sweetener.

Perfume: This small bottle of Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom and Honey is perfect for carrying around and is my 2nd favourite scent of all time; I adore peach scents.

Lipbalm: I can't be without lipbalm, especially in the cold winter months. This Chanel Coco Baume is not only beautiful but it does an amazing job at moisturising my lips and has just the right texture for me; I am unbelievably fussy with lipbalms. It's not medicinal but actually works brilliantly at healing any cuts or dryness on my lips too!

Compact: I take around this MAC Studio Fix compact as a multifunctional product; it has a mirror which is always useful and the product itself has coverage if I were to need any touch-ups throughout the day. 

Diary and pen: For some reason I am such a traditionalist when it comes to calendars and timekeeping. I've tried using my phone and such but always revert back to good old pen and paper. This Moleskine diary is my favourite as it has a notes page for every week if I need to jot things down and is practical and affordable. 

Hand cream: I am currently using this Vitamin E hand cream by The Body Shop. It smells really pleasant, absorbs well, moisturises well and contains SPF as hands need protecting too! I think it's meant for use on your face but I find it's a little too heavy or creamy for mine.

Hair ties: I keep these in my bag for when I get hot (aren't London tubes the worst?!) or need to get my hair out of the way. The little spiral tie is the best thing ever. It keeps a good hold of your ponytail and doesn't snag or damage in the slightest. 

Do link me if you have a similar post, I'd love to know what you carry around with you at the moment :)