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What I Eat: Weight Loss Wednesdays

15 January 2014 21 comments

I am the biggest foodie. 

It is one of my life's joys and passions. I adore cooking, reading about food and buzz around the plethora of London restaurants like a gluttonous, fat bee.

Diets, counting calories, or even lifestyle changes, can feel utterly miserable so today's Weight Loss Wednesday post is a little snapshot into some of my meals this week; it might give you some inspiration towards colourful, wholesome, kinda-healthy cooking.

 1. Super skinny KFC 373 cals
2. Chicken, mushroom and broccoli rice pot, the sauce of which has seeped into the rice 456 cals as I had seconds
3. Houmous with carrot sticks and grapes 235 cals

4. Brown rice, steamed salmon and steam-fried veg 329 cals
5. Skinny pizza (literally and in calories) and alfafa salad 483 cals
6. Mussels in garlic sauce with bread 167 cals

7. (poorly) Boiled eggs and toasted onion bread with an orange 331 cals
8. Quinoa, lentil, brown rice, salmon, sweet potato, broccoli, peppers with tomato salad 494 cals
9. Korean pear, grapes and pineapple 90 cals

For healthy snacks, I really recommend Graze boxes! They make healthy snacks so much more interesting and yummy.
 You can nab my friendcode: LDT6G5VXB and get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free! (although you're well within your rights to just try the free one and cancel!)

Oh and here (unashamedly) is some of the not so healthy.

I'm putting in place the 80/20 rule. 80% of what I'm eating is nutritious, healthy and wholesome food. The other 20% is buttery Danish apple tarts, triple cooked chips, Lola's cupcakes, Po-boys and the like. If this is going to be a lifestyle change this time and not a diet, I don't see the point in making myself miserable and depriving myself of one of my first loves!

P.s yes I've lost weight this week eating all this :)