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Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 1

8 January 2014 4 comments

And hello to Weight Loss Wednesdays!

Weight Loss Wednesdays or #bloggersWLW is a community and motivational haven I've decided to create amongst bloggers wanting to lose weight/become healthy/get fit for 2014. If you want to find out what's involved, how it can benefit you, and how to join, check out the #bloggersWLW tab just up there ^^ on my Topbar/Navbar/Ceilingbar :)

So for the 1st post, I sent a little email out to the girls with the task of introducing our goals, what we want to achieve with the help of #bloggersWLW and to find (at least) one picture that we find motivational/thinspirational/fitspirational to share :)

My Goals

There was a period in college where (little did I know it but) I was happy with my weight. Since then I have always been the "crash diet girl". I've worried my friends, my family, and myself! with my dubious-bordering-dangerous eating habits so my first goal is to, for the first time, jump on board the healthy lifestyle train and eat for health rather than to "get skinny."

Another, more tangible, goal is to lose 3 stone. I'm the type of person to put off doing things until I've lost weight, which undoubtedly means I've missed out on a lot of things I would have liked doing, and it's something that fuels my crash diet mentality; an old friend will suggest meeting up and I suddenly think I have to lose the stone I was planning to lose over the next 3 months, in 3 days. It's going to be a real personal struggle but I want to overcome that this year!


I find it funny how just seeing the "right" picture, quote, message really fuels my motivation; here are a small selection of my favourites to share with you:

Don't forget to message me if you'd like to join, the group is still open for new arrivals!

Good luck everyone!