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Weight Loss Wednesdays: Thinspiration | Fitspiration

29 January 2014 21 comments

Lack of motivation is a constant problem for me, whether it's a couple of days, a fortnight, or 2 months into dieting. And because it's always been a "diet" and not a lifestyle change, I've always had, and have been used to, fast results.

This time around, it's not going to be my usual crash diet, meaning a slow and steady loss, which equals my motivation, resolve and willpower really being tested!

I've compiled my top 10 tips that help me out most, in hope that, if you're anything like me and need constant encouragement, you can refer back to it to keep you firmly on the right track.

1. Find some photos

If there was a time in your life, maybe a few months or years ago, where you were happy with your weight, these are the best kind. They make me think "I've been there before, I can be there again." If you've always been big, don't fret! There are many photos of gorgeous celebrities to thinspire/fitspire you!

2. Get out the vidcam

Whether the camera puts on pounds or gives you the most accurate representation of how you look to the world, video footage is a great way to document your journey. Strip off (oo-er) to your undermost layers and do a little twirl for the camera to show your front, back and side once every 2 weeks or each month. Watching back the vids when you feel low and slumpy gives you either the biggest boost if you can see your body changing or in my case, I think "Ergh you still look revolting, don't have that slab of cake!" Taking photos is good too, although there's something about seeing yourself in 3D that's a real brain engage-er. 

3. Quote up your room

One of my Phd pals will have to explain the science to me but seeing the right, motivational quotation can really resonate with you. Unfortunately for me, their effects are short lived so my best tip is to stick them up everywhere so you're being constantly reminded of them; on your bedroom walls, ceiling, your phone and laptop backgrounds, the fridge!!

4. Don't get too scale crazy

I think I need to listen to my own advice here because I get addicted to the scales! The number you see isn't the be all and end all. You may have gained muscle whilst losing fat. You may have put on water weight. For us girls especially, our weight fluctuates naturally, even throughout the same day. 

5. Get yourself a choice garment.

Something gorgeous, a bit special, and in a size or 2 too small. Hang it up and use it as a treat to look forward to. Don't be tempted to try it on too soon though, likewise with other clothing that's too small, it does take a while to lose dress sizes and trying on something you think ought to fit, only to find that it doesn't, can have the most detrimental effect!


6. Start speaking out loud

I have my beliefs firmly set in logic, science and reasoning, so this seemed silly to me, but all I will say is give it a go, and stick with it for a while. When you can feel your hand gravitating for the phone and takeaway menu, say "No.", forcibly, out loud and tell yourself out loud how terrible, annoyed with yourself and sick you feel every time you've binged on something you shouldn't have. When you look in the mirror in the mornings, tell yourself out loud that today's going to be a great day and you're going to come in within your calories, or you're going to go for a run today and enjoy it! It's a funny trick I grant you but one that's worked.

7. Have a morning workout

This one's really simple, if you can force yourself to get up earlier and work out before work/the start of your day, you're less likely to eat the cake that will negate the work out you had to lose sleep for.

8. Touch but don't eat

So it's pretty established that refined sugars aren't the best for our weight loss efforts, but we can use them for motivation! The next time you're a bit bummed that you've "only lost a lb", pop down (or power walk!) to the shops and lift a bag of sugar. That pound feels a bit more substantial now I'd expect!

9. Treat yourself

Be realistic with your goals and when your reach little milestones, treat yourself. Buy yourself some new makeup, book a facial or a spa day, get some new shoes. We're only human, we respond to the promise of shiny, material things, use it to your advantage!

10. Go slow and don't worry so much

Lastly, if you mess up, it doesn't matter. Don't be like me and say "Well that's the whole day ruined!" and go and eat a McDonalds. Take each day at a time and if you can't manage that, take each meal at a time. If you weren't as good as you'd hoped on a lunch out with friends, (Did I really eat that lobster roll, fries AND cheesecake???) don't start again Monday morning, or tomorrow morning, start again the next time you eat something, then the lobster roll, fries and cheesecake doesn't turn into lobster roll, fries, cheesecake, burritos, salted caramel brownies, steak.. you get the jist..

I hope these tips serve as your arsenal against the motivation slump! 

Jennifer x