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A Week In The Life Of

19 January 2014 14 comments

I've not yet done a post like this before, although it seems a popular format amongst most of the FBL blogging community, so, especially for the nosy amongst us like myself, here's what I've been up to!

It's been the week of my mother's birthday so the family and I have been out and about to all sorts of lovely places. My dad bought her the most beautiful bunch of roses for her birthday from Martin Crossley in Windsor; the most pretty florists I've seen in a while, housed in a gorgeous little typically-Tudor building.

Mum and I went museum-ing and to The Stables Spa before heading off, pampered to within an inch of our lives, for delicious patisseries. The spa is completely glorious, I'd definitely recommend you pop down if you're in the Berkshire area.

Highlights of a shopping trip included the cutest "noughts and crosses" set I've ever seen, an adorable Q-tip holder that, full, resembles a hedgehog (!!) and a completely innovative and useful purse with built in phone charger (I think primarily for Iphone) that claims to charge your phone twice over; a definite necessity for me.

More delicious yet probably not so healthy food in the form of Bibimnengmyeon (absolutely delicious) and more afternoon tea... and a gorgeous Astley Clarke bracelet,

And my attempt to try and correct some of the calories I've crammed in over the week! A healthy lunch of houmous, a hike (yes I know) in the wilderness, which I thought looked a bit like an African savanna, and a Korean food shop to try and buy some healthy, delicious goodies.

Do let me know what you've been up to! Hopefully my Weight Loss Wednesday-ers have been healthier than me this week!


  1. Your week looks much more productive than mine!

  2. Nice pics, I adore flowers! :)

  3. Oh my goshhhh I want that noughts and crosses set so bad! I need to find me one of these! X


  4. Such cute pictures!
    Can i have your life please?;)

    Please check out my beauty blog xx

  5. I love this post and I think I am going to write 1 next week as this week for me isn't too exciting. In fact all my weeks are get up go to work go home. I am like you super nosey.



    1. You definitely should! I'd like to see more of your restaurants :P xx

  6. You are always aloud a week off of dieting to treat yourself.


  7. Beautiful photos! It almost seems like spring time with all the flowers, cannot wait!

  8. Lovely week! I had to refollow you on bloglovin from your old blog :)


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