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#NOTD series: No.4 The Glitzy Snowflake

18 December 2013 12 comments

Day 4 of my nail art series and design Number 4 is the Glitter Snowflake

This design is really simple but effective and looks sufficiently Christmassy without being too novelty if that's not your cup of tea, much like the French Holly Christmas nail art from yesterday.

Base: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle

Feel free to make paint your base and snowflakes a little less shoddily than mine! Obviously you can switch up the nail colour to anything you like; I think a pale blue would look really pretty too.

Tweet me a pic at @jnnfrch if you recreate something similar, I'd love to see how your nail arts turn out! And look out for tomorrow's design :)



  1. Lovely colors! I already followed you on GFC, now waiting for you! :)

  2. These look so cute! Might have a go later on, my nails need to be a bit more festive I feel!

    Sophs xx The Sopho Diaries

  3. looks so cute! x

  4. oh my goodness this is so pretty!!!! I think I'm going to try this. wish me luck hahaha

  5. this is gorgeous Jennifer! Our nail art is child's play compared to yours :(

    1. Not at all! I adore the rose print top in your latest post, it hangs on you sooooo nicely :) xx

  6. Hello! Your blog is so cute, wanna follow each other? I follow back, xoxo*

  7. They are so cute >.<

    Maria Pol |


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