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Makeup (etc) storage|organisation

29 December 2013 13 comments

I feel like the new year symbolises resolutions, spring cleans and new changes; meaning a little beauty sort out! I love seeing how people organise and store their products and I can't deny I'd love to own the most beautiful, pristine collection with clear acrylic as far as the eye can see and everything colour and task coordinated. 

However for now, I'm more than happy with the practical set up I have at the moment, the everyday part of which I'll be showing you below :) 

I have a little shelf that sits above my desk, on which I have the makeup, products and brushes that I use most. Other makeup and hair/body/face products take up vast amounts of space in drawer units elsewhere in my room!

My most used skincare I currently have in an upturned Glossybox, which keeps everything together and tidy but also due to it's limited size, keeps me focused on what I need to use! I am awful for forgetting about products if they're out of my sight! Here I have my Olay CC cream (review here), absolutely the best of it's kind!

I keep my everyday makeup in 2 narrow Muji drawers. I love the clear acrylic and these drawers are affordable and beautifully made. I have a good number of the wide drawers too for makeup I don't use everyday.

As I'm so fickle with what base I wear on any given day, I like to keep my favourite foundations such as my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua's and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, within reach in a little Laduree box (my absolute favourite macarons!)

Another winner from Muji is this 3-compartment pencil pot to hold my pencil-shaped makeup such as liner and mascara, small brushes and larger brushes. I also house my cotton pads in this sweet, acrylic tower from eBay.

I also keep some lipbalms and little sample tubes I'm using at the moment in a little glass dish from John Lewis.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my capsule collection, there will come a time where no doubt I'll do a full collection post! If you have a similar post, be sure to link me in the comments, I'd loveeee to read it :)



  1. I really need a cotton pad tower! I love the Muji drawers too but am trying to resist buying more storage! xo

  2. I definitely need to sort mine out! Thank you for this post!!

    1. I find its almost therapeutic to make it all look organised and pretty! :) xx

  3. I love your ideas! its so cool, i really want a proper brush container because i just use little cups just now haha

  4. I really love the idea! I love the place where you put the lipsticks and that stuf! Beautiful <3 Kiss!

  5. I store my skincare in a pretty box as well on my vanity, keeps everything nice and tidy! I really want to get a few Muji drawers :)

    1. I love how affordable they are, considering they're so pretty :) xx

  6. I really want to try some of the Muji storage, it looks great!

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