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Tuesday Ramble: Jewellery, #FOTD, #British Blogger Selection, Blog change?!

13 November 2013 0 comments

Hiii :)

Today's post is a little window into my life at the moment, and the first of it's kind on Tigerlily's Beauty Blog to date!

Firstly, I'm in complete dilemmasville about changing up my blog?! I want my URL and blog name to match for one, also I tried googling my blog and it's getting lost amongst outcomes for a beauty salon with a similar name! Apparently it's not the easiest thing to do and I might risk confusing you, my lovely readers, by doing so. DO I RISK IT?! If you have any thoughts or experience, pleaseeee do comment!!

Thought I'd share with you today's FOTD and a necklace I have been lovingggggg wearing lately :)

This precious thing is from M&S and is a stunning mint green "mini statement" necklace with silver coloured hardware. It's great to wear with jumpers, I have a particular marl grey favourite that it goes so well with! And I'm finding it's just a little bit of interest to an otherwise unaccessorised outfit (minimal efforttttt!) like jeans and jumper!

And thirdlyyy, #BritishBloggerSelection. Ellie thought it'd be cute doing a little Q&A this week, and I totally agree :) Here are her questions and my answers! (A good chance for me to ramble on about my thoughts haha)

1. Why do you like blogging?

I'm sure many of us have written cliche answers to this question and i'm afraid I am going to be no different! In truth, I like blogging because it's a chance to meet, interact and make friends with a new little beauty community! I also like to share my finds and get tips from others!

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

Tigerlily was a nickname of mine when I was at primary school :) It was a bit of an "on a whim" decision, which is partly why I'm considering changing it!

3. Where in the UK do you come from?

Surrey :)

4. Favourite colour?

This is such a typical question that I should have an answer to but I don't really. It depends on what it's for? E.g for clothing I like creams, navy, white, tan etc, for flowers I like pink. Or white/cream if they're roses! Such an overcomplicated answer for such a simple question haha.

5. Do you like Lana Del Rey?

No. I'm sorry to all the Lana fans but I find her songs/face/voice is just so mopey and depressing.

6. Hidden talents that you have?

I can bend my thumbs back to touch my arm. Otherwise I play piano pretty well!

7. Celebrity crush?

Jesse Metcalfe, RPatz but only in Remember Me

8. Favourite Blog of all time?

I can't decide....

9. What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?

It just reinforces the community element that I really enjoy about blogging :)

Hopefully you enjoyed reading a tiny snippet of my life and didn't find it boring or bereft of purpose!!!

Have an amazing day :)