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30 November 2013 0 comments

Firstly I just wanted to say:

 that I've gone back to Blogger style comments after getting a bit over excited and eager about getting Google + comments. (I just clicked on having it without really thinking about it!) Unfortunately, this means that all your lovely previous comments will have disappeared which is just utterly heartbreaking! :( But hopefully, with any luck, you'll be replacing them soon enough with more :)

 my Giveaway is over! And the lucky winner is Charlotte from Makeup by Candlelight, so congratulations Charlotte!

 I'm in the process of giving my blog a pretty hefty overhaul, including URL and design changes so I would be so eternally appreciative if you would bear with me through this big change :) Just wanted to give you a little forewarning because I really do appreciate my gorgeous readers and followers and always want to be open and honest with you, and not do anything to "freak you out"!!


I love a multitude of brands when it comes to makeup. Charlotte Tilbury is my latest favourite but Chantecaille, Laura Mercier and Bourjois are but to name a mere few! But were I forced to choose 1 brand above the rest, it would be, the iconic, Chanel.

I essentially love everything about their makeup. The packaging for a start is exquisite. I love the sleek piano-black with gold accents and seeing the little CC logo on my dressing table makes me happy everytime. The frosted glass bottles of things like Pro Lumiere just ooze quality.

And the quality doesn't just stop at the packaging.

Their base products are amazing, I would go as far in saying that their Vitalumiere Aqua (review here) is my favourite foundation of all time. 

My favourite ever nail polish, Malice, is also one of theirs. 

I find their textures, finishes and colourings predominantly very good: I love their smudge-proof mascara and the Illusion D'Ombre pots. You also tend to find the obscure, unusual hybrid colours like "purpley-taupes" and "greige's" such as the Particuliere nail polish, that are admittedly filtering down into drugstore brands but I feel high end brands do them a lot better.

Granted their prices are not cheap, but for the quality and a brand I trust and love, I consider them more than worth it! Of course if you are looking for a more affordable version, Bourjois and Chanel are closely affiliated so look out for the same ingredients and technologies being used in Bourjois products.