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BEST Exfoliator Ever: Cure Natural Aqua Gel

24 November 2013 0 comments

Hiii :)

A little review for you today, especially good if you're suffering a bit from the wintery coldness and central heating playing havoc with your skin! You may recognise this from my Korean/Asian skincare haul and I am so excited to review it!!

Cure natural aqua gel product review exfoliator

Cure Natural Aqua Gel  is a gentle exfoliator that has no abrasive particles. It's literally perfect for sensitive skins.

It exfoliates the skin without causing it any stress or discomfort, leaving the skin smooth and bright. I've been using this product for around a month and it's amazing! It's hands down the best exfoliating product I've ever tried, and it's made me totally renounce scrub-style exfoliators. (For a all natural DIY solution, I still reallyreally like, check out my DIY Skin Brightening remedy) The ingredients on my bottle are in Korean so it may not be so helpful of me to post a photo but I got this picture from the lovely

Best exfoliator Cure natural aqua gel product review

In Asia it's really popular to exfoliate your body with these little scrubbing mitts, which cause dead skin to "ball up" and then you wash it away. It's really effective and I prefer that method to any Western salt or sugar scrub. The Cure gel is like a really gentle version of the Asian mitt, for your face.

How to use/how I use it

I pump 1-2 pumps onto my fingertips and spread it all over my face, skipping the eye area. Once it's spread I leave it for around 30 seconds then begin to massage the product into my face until it starts to clump up. I continue massaging for around 30 seconds to 1 minute until there are lots of clumps then wash it all off and dry with a towel.

Product Review Best exfoliator Cure natural aqua gel
Hopefully you can see the little clumps in the rightmost photo!

You get 250g of product for your money, and there's the downside; the money. It's pretty pricey, especially outside of Asia. (~£30 in the UK or ~$30 in the US) I would use it once or twice a week and the bottle should last around 4-5 months. So is it worth it? I can understand those of you that think it's wayyyy too expensive but for the most gentle yet effective exfoliator I've tried? I'm willing to part with the money :)

I hope you found this helpful! and have an amazing day :)