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REVIEW: Best foundations: My favourite 3 with swatches :)

17 October 2013 0 comments

Foundation is hands down the item of makeup I spend most money on, I see it as an extension of skincare in a way! Consequently I've tried out a lot of foundations, some have been hits, others have been oh-so-terrible misses! Here are my absolute favouriteeeeeeeeeee Top 3 that I just keep coming back to :)

Best foundations, top 3 swatches

1) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

This is my go-to for photos. It's one of the not so common foundations that don't have SPF meaning no white cast in flash photography yay! The coverage is a little heavier than what I usually like but that's ok for evening wear. The finish is also more matte than I usually like, but again, that's favourable for photos :)

Best foundations, top 3 swatches Giorgio armani luminous silk

2) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

This is one of my favourites for daytime and another that I'm sure many of you have tried and love! I love it because it feels like you're wearing next to nothing (cheeky!) and the finish is velvety and like a second skin :) The colour selection is good for mid-toned neutral skins. I'm sure you guys all know! but it's a water-based product (which helps it feel extra light) so make sure you shake it well. I would definitely say this is my favourite liquid foundation. 

Best foundations, top 3 swatches Chanel vitalumiere aqua 

B40 up top, B30 below.

3) No7 Mineral Perfection Powder Foundation

This is one that not so many of you may have tried. It's available in Boots in the UK but I have bought it off eBay becauseeee... This is what really annoys me! Boots used to do quite a wide colour range but since their foundation upheaval, they now only do 1 colour!! (10 new ivory) Fortunately if you have a skin tone like mine, it's still good, but still very annoying. It's also worth mentioning though that their one and only colour blends well into a (albeit small) range of skin tones and almost adapts to your skin tone after a little while.

I much prefer this to the Bare Minerals mineral foundations, it's not as heavy coverage and has a more natural finish. It's also quite difficult to put too much on and look like you've trowelled it on!

Best foundations, top 3 swatches

Best foundations, top 3 swatches review

Hope this helped and if you have any questions, just ask below in the comments! Otherwise, let me know what your favourite foundations are! (My search is never over haha)