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Friday Favourite: Best Hand Cream review :)

11 October 2013 0 comments

One of my pet hates is inadequate handcreams (and I have tried and dismissed a lottt), by which I mean those that are sticky, greasy, or too thick and heavy. To be fair, also those that say they're light and non greasy and then your hands don't feel in the slightest moisturised. 

I hate any handcreams that leave a slick residue even after you've sat there rubbing it in for what feels like ages even on the tops of my hands let alone my palms.

If this sounds like you and it turns out that I am not the sole obsess-er of this then you are in luck!!!

My mother bought this along with the matching handsoap a little while ago but I never bothered to try it until now and its brilliant! It's the first handcream that I can safely say leaves your hands feeling dry to the touch after. (To me that means I can safely touch my phone/iPad/car steering wheel/laptop keyboard: just for reference!)

Baylis & Harding: Peony, White tea & Jasmine Indulgent Moisturising Hand Lotion

Funnily enough peonies, white tea and jasmine are amongst some of my most favourite things :) (Check out my Peony Nail Art here).

The bottle has a pump (thankyou Baylis & Harding!) and looks more expensive than it is at around £2-3 for a 500ml bottle (extremely reasonable!). The smell is really pleasant and not very strong which I only like it more for. It's readily available and comes in a few other scents such as French Lavender but if in doubt, you can get it from their website here. It fulfills its foremost purpose as a hand cream by moisturising your hands but the way it sinks into the skin is it's selling point. 

Hope this helps and that you're all having an amazing day/evening :)