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Fave Lippie: Your-Lips-But-Better (Review + Swatches)

8 October 2013 0 comments

This is one you may recognise from my September Favourites, my favourite of all favourite of lipsticks: 

Boots 17 Mirror Shine in Belle. 

Boots 17 mirror shine lipstick review beauty makeup

Colour: Finding the perfect nude to suit your lips can be a difficult task. Some people suit paler, beige tones, whilst for others that just washes them out. For me, this is the ultimate Your-lips-but-better if you suit a slightly darker nude shade, somewhere in between pink and brown: a rosy tone.

Packaging: Boots recently upgraded the packaging of these lipsticks and they now include a little slide out mirror in the lid which is not only adorable but useful too! and really great for such an inexpensive lipstick.

Texture and Finish: This lipstick is super lightweight and has some slick to it, much like a tinted lipbalm, but definitely not as glossy and thick as a lipgloss. It makes your lips look hydrated and gorgeous alllll dayyyy. The colour payoff isn't amazing but to some (me included) I'm feeling that's a good thing :)

beauty makeup lipstick review with swatches

Price and Availability: Avaliable in any Boots store that has a 17 section and priced at around (only!) £5 aka complete bargain! #budgetbuy

And here it is on the lips; sumptuous, rosy and hydrated :)

beauty lipstick review with swatches

Hope you liked this quick review, let me know, in the comments below, what your favourite lipstick is! (yes i'm making you pick just one :P)

Hope you're having an amazing day :)