Beauty Favourites, Stila


I, frankly, love Stila cosmetics. They have a whole host of gorgeous, nude-y shades and exquisite formulas that I think are fairly overlooked in the beauty world! Here are a few of my favourite pieces, that if you don't own already, well, it's obvious what you need to do!

Eyeshadows and Smudge Crayons. Kitten is the perfect mix of champagne, pink and gold, and I think is possibly (or probably!) my favourite eyeshadow of all time. It's the easiest colour to wear (all over the lid for me), has the perfect amount of shimmer and sheen, goes on creamy and smooth, blends with very little effort and wears beautifully. 
Chinois a is gorgeous, creamy, off-white colour with a velvet/satin finish. I blend it close to my lashline, the lightness behind my lashes makes them stand out more, #toptip!

Golden Topaz is a Jewel shadow meaning it's glittery/foiled. It's a gorgeous copper-y colour with a silvery glitter. (It's what you see on the left!)

The Smudge Crayons are beautiful cream-to-powder shadows in a twist up stick. I love the effortlessness of products like this, I literally draw it onto my lids, blend with my finger and throw it back into my handbag. Antique is the warm brown-y-bronze you see on the right and hello, I own it in Kitten too.

Smudge Pot. My one is Kitten again. Same gorgeous colour, this time in a gel eyeliner come cream-shadow texture. I'll use this as a base for other shadows or double up with Kitten to up the intensity! I used it in my Heat-Proof Makeup Look and it's gorgeoussss.

Liquid Liner. There are countless black liners around, and a lot of good ones. I like the Stila one for it's black-idy-black depth of colour and the super fine and workable tip, making application a doddle.

Highlighters. The Stila Shimmer Duo is in shade, you guessed it, Kitten. I've got a full review on this beauty because it deserves some time all to itself. 

One Step Illuminate is another gorgeous multitasker. You can use this illuminating serum alone as highlighter or a very subtle blush, or mix it into your favourite moisturiser or foundation. It's super light, hydrating texture makes it great for mixing with most things in fact, I like to mix it with other cream blushes to get that 'flushed from within' look or pat it neat onto my cheekbones. It's just beautiful.

Rose Gold Shimmer. Akin to the luminizer but with more gusto, this liquid highlighter-come-blush gives the most gorgeous, radiant glow with a rosy, golden hue. It's hard to mess up application; I blend a little, effortlessly onto my cheekbones with my fingers when I'm in a rush. You can see the effort in my Summer Makeup Tutorial.

Who else loves Stila?? Let's be friends!

What are your favourite Stila products?! 

Best Beauty Buys, Ebay


Ebay can be a bit of a taboo when it comes to beauty products. If you've got a risk-it-for-a-biscuit attitude or have your wits about you then you'll be pretty comfortable, but you can easily get stung! Saying that, you can grab bargains and there's plenty of deals to be had. Here are a few of my favourite Ebay beauty buys.

Makeup Brushes. I think it's safe to say, everyone loves the Real Techniques brushes. I have a few of  their original blush brushes, they're one of my faves, and was intrigued to see how the Ebay dupes compare. In all honesty, they're pretty fabulous. Decent quality brush head, bristles, ferrel and handle; it's almost identical to the real thing. Whether it's a dupe or not, there are super inexpensive, good quality brushes to be had. (And of course I'll still be buying the real RT ones!)

Blush Brush // £1.33

Acrylic Storage. Clear, simple storage is a favourite among many but it's easy to clock up a hefty bill on a full Muji (or otherwise) setup, I should know... I picked up these fab lipstick holders for a mere tuppence, that I use to store my samples. Seeing the little tubes all lined up brings me no end of joy! The quality obviously isn't as good but it's less than the price of a coffee, so well worth it.

Lashes. I went through a phase of heavy individual-lash-addiction, and buying pack after pack from the drugstore (or even pricier ones) wasn't the cheapest of habits! Turns out they're much cheaper on Ebay and there's a bigger selection of styles. 

Asian Sheet Masks. I love a couple of the inexpensive mask brands like My Beauty Diary or My Scheming and, as they're not the easiest things to get hold of, have been procurring mine from Ebay for years! (You can check out the links to see which sellers I use, I've had no problems whatsoever.)

My Beauty Diary Brightening Lemon Masks x10 with UK delivery // £11.99

Hair Accessories. Curly-wurly-swirly, spiral pins are my favourite for getting my hair up and out of my face. They don't damage or kink up your hair and are surprisingly secure. Similarly, the coiled hairties have the same qualities. You can pick both up on Ebay for a steal. 

Spiral Pins x10 // £3.29

What are your favourite beauty buys from Ebay?? Share with us below!

Stila Kitten All Over Shimmer Duo


I'm in love with Stila products, specifically (but by no means exclusively..) their Kitten shade. And I'm in love with highlighters. Now to hear that Stila have a Kitten highlighter? Well you can imagine my reaction (I can't believe I haven't picked this up sooner). And I was decidedly not disappointed.



This gorgeous, 'compact' compact, comes with two delicious shades; a light, pinkish hue on the left and a golden champagne on the right. Whether you choose to wear them separately or mixed together, the outcome is a beautiful one. For my lightly olive-y skintone, I like to mix, but for a pale skin, use the pinky shade for your highlight and save the other for eyeshadow. And for deeper skins, go vice versa.

The powders apply, blend and wear wonderfully and the palette is a lovely, portable size, great for travel. I love that you can customise your highlight shade by blending your own ratio. All in all, it's a bit of a superlative product. My only qualm is I do wish the powders were together in one pan, the traditional swirl-o-mix isn't really possible without your brush running over the rims of the pans. But hey, let's not divert from the beautiful-ness of this thing. 

What are your favourite highlighters?? 

Vitamin C Serum, Maple Holistics


Saying that I live for skincare, and specifically serums, may be a slight exaggeration, (because let's be real, it's probably actually for food....) but I like it/them. A lot. I've been looking out for a Vitamin C serum for quite some time and have just never been happy with any I've come across. When Maple Holistics were kind enough to send me a couple of their natural haircare products, (which, as you can see,  I'm very much enjoying using at the moment!) I was lucky enough to also get a couple of skincare bits, one of which is their Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum.

I really had extremely high hopes for this. Topical vitamin C is well known for it's brightening effects, collagen stimulation, free radical defence and sun protection. 

On first impressions, it's a positive reaction, the serum comes in a dark bottle to protect it from light degredation, and with a pipette; thank you. Two really simple details that are often left out. 

Next up, my itch to check out the ingredients list (which I shall print for you as I can't seem to find them sur l'internet);

Water, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Vitamin E Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Ferulic Acid, Algae Extract, Pullulan Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate. 

So you can see it's not just a bog-standard Vitamin C serum, there's all sorts of other skin-benefitting ingredients like Vitamin E, A, humectants and algaes. 

The serum is a light textured, clear-ish liquid that sinks in extremely quickly into the skin. I get a slight tightening feeling after I've applied but it's more momentary and not at all unpleasant. I keep mine in the fridge to preserve the vitamin C and stop it from oxidising as quickly (when your vitamin C serums start going yellowish or brown, it's time to throw them out - they've oxidised and aren't any good to you anymore).

I've been using my serum for a couple of weeks now and I've noticed a small but apparent improvement in my skin, predominantly in the form of scar lightening. Every, and I mean every, time I get a blemish, it'll scar, my skin just rebels in that way, but using the serum every night has helped to improve those marks.

In all fairness, I need to give it more time before commenting on any other benefits but it's full of promise and I'll definitely continue with it's use, and most likely repurchase, especially at the price point. Maple Holistics offer a guarantee too so there's really nothing to lose!

Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum // $12 for 30ml

Have you tried Vitamin C serums?? What are your favourites??

This post contains PR samples.

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A Nautical Morning, Camber Sands



Today was always going to be an outside kind of day. Having awoken in an incredibly comfortable bed and slipped downstairs to a delicious breakfast of the most traditional of English brekkies, poached pears and pastries it was time to walk off the calories and face the somewhat... brisk? nature of the British coast. 





Camber Sands is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of England. There are no pavements, no concrete, just an expanse of sand dunes and shoreline. Take a picnic blanket, and another to drape round your shoulders, and snuggle down into the grass to eat strawberries and take in the sea air. 






The sand is glorious, fine and untainted, we wandered bare foot down by the lapping waves, our footprints being entangled with the pawprints of excited furry, canine friends running in and out of the sea. 



I thought vaguely nautical nails were rather fitting! And don't be like me and forget to cross off your anchor!

Whip off your shoes and get your toes a-wiggling in that sand!

The George In Rye.


If you're ever in need of a quick, whimsical getaway, boy have I got the place for you. 

Situated in the quaint town of Rye, where franchises and chains seem to be pleasantly absent, The George is a beautiful 16th century boutique hotel, full of charm. 

Each room is decorated differently with bespoke furniture, Frette Italian linens and REN products. We plumped for Room 10 the 'Attic Hideaway', tucked away up it's own staircase, on it's own private little level, in the oldest part of the building. Upon opening the door we were gushing with superlatives. 
The original timber beams, the dreamy, soporific decor, the traditional windows opening out onto higgeldy piggeldy rooftops, the chaise longue. And, oh my, the huge roll top bath. Heaven. 

You're well kitted out with amenities; a gorgeous little crate of tea making facilities with Teapig teas, Italian bath robes, free wifi, hairdryer, gentleman's umbrella, fan, everything you should need. And if you're feeling needy, order yourself a massage/facial/flowers/whatever else you fancy. 

Everything in the room was plush, the carpets that seemed to be under-laid with marshmallows, the towels, the feather down duvets and pillows, the squidy chaise longue, it felt somewhat like living up in the clouds...

Come dinner time, we found ourselves downstairs at The Grill, the hotel's restaurant. The dining room is warm, rich and gentlemanly, with modern twists like exposed lighting wire. Fresh seafood is all over the menu as the boats come in daily in Rye, bringing in their fresh catch. We opted for pea and parma ham soup and the mezze platter; a heavenly mix of bulgar salad, sweet potato, beet houmous, confit tomatoes and mushrooms. 

For mains? Exceptional lamb rump and fish and chips, all washed down with a Primotivo Puglia, arguably my favourite red. 

All in all, the most darling little hotel I've visited! The service is exceptional and I thoroughly doubt you'll find anything to be disappointed with, however I must pass on that they don't provide bubble bath... (so bring your own) a key essential when filling up that divine tub! 

P.S, the hotel is a bit of a maze, and on my explorations, have a look what I stumbled upon; the fairytale Ballroom.

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